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Do I love Dinosaurs?

Posted by garfettconsulting on February 23, 2023 at 3:20 PM

David's Birthday.

My Godson

He turns 8

We called him David The T-REX since he was a baby; he's all about the dinosaurs, and guess what?


He still is... and Guess what? I became his fan.


David mostly wears dinosaur outfits; he always rocks them.

(When we went to Universal Studios in Hollywood for his early birthday)

(You can follow him @davidthetrex at IG) 


He finally got a David The T-Rex t-shirt, I even got an Auntiesaurus t-shirt, and his older brother and their mom (my sister) for David's Birthday Party.


Now David got me wearing Dinosaurus t-shirts to become his Cool T-REX Tia when I am around him.

Here are some other pictures of his birthday.

Have you ever had someone so obesssed on something and you end up too?

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